If the factions in the American political system seem like they’re having two completely separate conversations, it’s because they are. Pew Research digs into the media habits of America’s two least-popular-yet-most-influential political parties’ faithful followers, and what it finds might surprise you — if you’re easily surprised.

Those on the far sides of the left and right aren’t being exposed to the same media. They’re watching different channels, reading different magazines and visiting different websites. They’re engaged in different dialogues, and working with separate facts.

That’s a major cause of Stupid.

To their credit the far-lefties are, in general, getting their news from more sources (while conservatives have a higher tendency to focus solely on Fox News), but the liberal side is actually less tolerant of contrary viewpoints (as evidenced by a greater likelihood to defriend someone on social media because of political views).

Read more about the study.

When two sides aren’t involved in the same conversations, then no one is ever going to be working on solving the same problems.

charts and graphs highlighting media consumption habits of political ideologues.

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