Most savvy news consumers are not only familiar with the Onion and it’s brand of satire, but the accompanying phenomenon of mistaking an Onion news article for real news. So familiar that there’s even a subreddit dedicated to real news that sound so outlandish they could be mistaken for real (fake?) Onion headlines. But what if the headlines weren’t obviously funny? What if a satirical news outlet sets out to intentionally trick readers into thinking their articles are real?

Keegan Hamilton at Vice news has a great article delving into the back story of The National Report and how it’s using what might be considered news trolling as their own way of fighting against the forces of dumb.

Take a read here.

There are some good nuggets uncovering how our confirmation biases and sloppy news consumption habits are conspiring to make us more susceptible to mistaking satire as real (there must be a neat German word for that).

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