I stumbled across a juicy morsel about a video game called Easy Level Life that was featured on Kill Screen and Okayplayer recently. It’s an interesting piece of information translation, taking a commonly asked question (mostly by white people who’ve never had a negative experience with the police): “What did they do wrong that the cops shot them?” and then encapsulating the answer, “Nothing, actually” in interactive pixels. The game was designed by yvvy and released via Twitter during the second week of July. The gif captures on the Kill Screen post are pretty chilling.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of interaction rates the game gets. Americans’ support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement was the subject of a Pew Research poll recently. As you might guess, there’s significantly stronger support for the group from the African American community than there is from whites or Hispanics. I’m actually a little surprised that Hispanics weren’t more on board; maybe they’re just getting stopped and frisked but not shot. In total, 43% of American adults (inclusive of race, color and creed) support #BLM, while 22% actively oppose the group. The breakdown by political party is totally not surprising.

graph showing support for black lives matter by political party


So, I guess the question becomes: “Can short interactive experiences like Easy Level Life start to shift that number of supporters toward 50%?” Or is that not the point?

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