Tactic: Short form film making.
Topic: The ‘Merican economy

In another attempt to get us to think differently about topics that we take or granted, Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with Paul G. Allen and 20 film makers to tackle the exciting topic of how an economy works. Varying greatly in styles and production value, the films range from downright beautiful to sometimes a bit preachy, but what they all share is a singular focus on getting the audience to pay attention and learn something.
We’re only half way through watching them all, but so far stand-outs for us include Jon M. Chu’s Supply and Dance-Man, Ramin Bahrani’s Lemonade War, and Lee Hirsch’s Recession. They each approach their respective topics from a unique narrative format rather than the typical documentary format of talking heads or lecturers.

Supply and Dance-man, as the name suggests, demonstrates how supply and demand affect the price of what we buy.

Lemonade Wars tells the adorable story of how Government regulation can both protect and destroy small businesses, awww.

Recession beautifully illustrates what forces contribute to a recession. If only 2008 looked this good.

You can watch them all here.

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