John Oliver on the show speaking at his desk
09 Aug 2016

John Oliver’s Dissection of Contemporary Journalism is Pure Gold

It seems like once every few months John Oliver just blows my mind. This made the rounds in the jouralism social media in a major way when it came out — probably because it cuts right down to the bone for a lot of folks who work at (or used

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dancing guy
02 Aug 2016

Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy

When it comes to information translation, we tend to focus on intentional acts — creations that purposefully transpose an idea or data set into a different medium. But, this video is more of a found-footage revelation that successfully illustrates one of the foundational principles of leadership. It’s not a movement

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28 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: Wisecrack

With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, grow smarter.” it’s no surprise that this band of  creatives has caught our eye. Using hilarious critiques and analyses of pop-cultural artifacts like TV shows, movies, video games and books, these youtube videos manage to keep you entertained long enough for them to slip in

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