Illustrations of torture techniques
14 Dec 2014

An Illustrated A to Z of Torture

Following the Senate’s release of the report on torture, Vice released a handy illustrated guide to the tactics. It’s interesting that the illustrations provide some psychological distance from the subject (as opposed to actual photos or lengthy text-based description), while arranging it alphabetically invokes children’s books (juxtaposition) and simultaneously highlights

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21 Nov 2014

Terms of Service

It’s 2am, do you know where your data are? Do you even care? IF you’re like the majority of people, you probably don’t. But some of that might be due to how that information has been presented to you in the past. Well thanks to journalist Michael Keller and non-fiction

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18 Nov 2014

XKCD- The Philae Landing

So where were you when mankind landed a probe on a moving comet? While many of us were busy trying to understand the magnitude of what happened, Randall Monroe (of the web comic xkcd) was busy scribbling down accurate depictions of what was happening… for those of us who had

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17 Jan 2013

Hero Salute: HowToons

  From animation to Robotics, this comic series explains how to make cool stuff in a way that tickles even the most casual Manga fan.

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25 Feb 2012

Hero Salute: Cartoon Movement

  A kindred spirit in the War on Stupid, Cartoon Movement provides a collaborative platform for political cartoons and graphic novels to report on current events.

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26 Jan 2012

Hero Salute: The News in Japan told in Manga

  Taking the day’s news and turning it into manga comics. Topics: Current events Tactic: Manga Brief: Using an army of illustrators this newspaper’s boldly taking on the issues in Japan with a graphic approach. Read more about it in this Wired article. Or if you read Japanese enjoy.

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05 Apr 2011

Hero Salute: Smarter Comics’ Business Books

Smarter Comics and their new line of Business Books Tactic: Graphic Novels Topic: Anything you’d need for a DIY MBA Brief: From how to become Salesperson of the year to how you take down the competition to Sun Tzu style. Smarter Comics has released some of the best business books

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10 Jan 2011

The Life & Death of a Climate Bill, Illustrated

Topic: The tumultous journey of climate change legislation Tactic: Sequential art Now this is EXACTLY what we’re talking about. A reporter (Roberts of the magazine Grist) joined forces with a creative (Pitilli, freelance illustrator) to make sweet, clear, succinct, sense of the sordid life and complex happenings surrounding the Climate

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