14 Aug 2016

Read: Good Charts

  Visualizations have finally become a respected language of business. So who better than Harvard Business Review to give you a crash course on how to speak fluent chart. What is it? A beginner’s guide to viewing and creating good data viz. Think of it as a much needed, easy to

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19 Jul 2016

Read: The Smarter Faster Better Way to Deal with the Stupid Gap

Charles Duhigg, in chapter 8 of his latest book Smarter, Faster, Better, perfectly illustrates the challenge of, as well as outlines a solution to, information overload. 6 years ago Patrick (aka General Knowledge) and I unknowingly dove head first into this world of cognitive psychology. It was filled with high-falutin

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13 Mar 2016

Read: The Truthful Art

Something for the reading list, if you’re interested in infographics and/or visual information design. Alberto Cairo has a new book called “The Truthful Art: Data, Charts and Maps for Communication.” (grab a copy on Amazon, or your fav bookseller) You can also read an excerpt from the book over at

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19 Jul 2015

Read: The California Drought is Part of a Much Bigger Crisis

The Western U.S. is being hit with droughts across several ranges of time. There’s longer-term dryness from Nevada and Arizona that causes higher levels of dust to melt snowpack in the Rockies faster than normal. Colorado has too much water in some places, after nearly a decade of too little

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Rolling Stone article the 9 billion dollar witness
06 Dec 2014

Translate This: “The $9 Billion Witness”

While catching up on some reading during Thanksgiving weekend, I stumbled across this lengthy gem by Matt Taibbi, which details the story of a whistleblower at JP Morgan/Chase. What unfolds confirms most people’s worst suspicions about the greed and willful malevolence that lead to the economic catastrophe of 2007-08 and

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24 Oct 2014

Read: Resonate by Nancy Duarte

  A must-have for any communicator’s library, this book comprehensively breaks down the anatomy of a compelling presentation.  

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24 Oct 2014

Read: The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia

The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia by David McCandless Already well known for his work on the site Information is Beautiful, McCandless  gives us a sense of what’s possible as far as creative ways to visualize data, no matter how seemingly trivial. You can read

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