EpiPen Tycoon videogame home screen
08 Sep 2016

Pharmaceutical Price Gouging: The Video Game

This is the second video game I’ve stumbled across in the past few months that used interactivity to create a visceral emotional response to a contemporary event. There’s this moment of recognition as you’re playing where everything that’s wrong with the situation becomes more real. It’s persuasive, and it’s something

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A Screenshot from the video game Easy Level Life
16 Jul 2016

A Message from #BlackLivesMatter as Video Game

I stumbled across a juicy morsel about a video game called Easy Level Life that was featured on Kill Screen and Okayplayer recently. It’s an interesting piece of information translation, taking a commonly asked question (mostly by white people who’ve never had a negative experience with the police): “What did they

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banking explained screenshot
27 Mar 2015

Banking Explained

Regular visitors may recall a post back in December about creative agency Kurzgesagt’s video series breaking down all sorts of contemporary issues into wonderful animated shorts. One of their recents deconstructs the development of contemporary big banks and all of the complexities they’re exploiting for profit. If you still aren’t sure

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24 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: kurzgesagt

If you’ve watched an animated video explaining how Ebola works or why wars are decreasing over time, you’ve probably seen Kurzgesagt’s work. This Munich-based studio has garnered a lot of attention, not only because of the topics they’ve chosen to tackle, but also due to their efficiently minimalist style and

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17 Dec 2012

Visual Budget

  With a combination of motion graphics and interactive charts, this work-in-progress project of Neil Halloran perfectly dissects the US federal budget in a way that will (hopefully) cut through unnecessary bickering at family gatherings. It’s in BETA so you’ll need to sign up for an entry code, but it’s

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10 May 2012

Hero Salute: Epipheo Studios

  No stranger to the limelight, this band of intrepid animators, illustrators and all-around creative geniuses deserve a salute for their years of brave service in making sense of so many topics. Tactic: Animated web videos in every which way possible Topics: From commercial to cause-based, their work varies from

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16 Feb 2012

UN’s Global Pulse Initiative

How can mobile data help stave off hunger? Watch and find out. Tactic: Animation & Motion Graphics Topic: Big Data and it’s use in helping developing countries This is the intro video for one of the newest UN initiatives called Global Pulse. It’s mission is to promote ways governments, corporations

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29 Jan 2012

The Socialism behind Football

  Master animator Fraser Davidson masterfully illustrates one of Bill Maher’s New Rules rants explaining how the football system in the US is really socialist.   Topic: Politics & Football Tactic: Motion Graphics In Bill Maher’s new book, he compares the system by which things are kept fair in the

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17 Jan 2012

SOPA / PIPA Explained

  The innocuously named bills get various activist treatments visually explaining their pitfalls and dangers.

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12 Nov 2011

CGP Grey: The Trouble with the Electoral College

  Breaking down the principle of the Electoral College and why it doesn’t seem quite fair.

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17 Mar 2011

The Conception of Wine

The Conception of Wine   Topic: The process of wine-making Tactic: motion graphics Brief: Ever wondered how wine was made? Let me put it this way… Ever wondered how wine was made, had it explained to you by one of your wine-afficionado friends and was left still confused or bored

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17 Feb 2011

The Status of Aid

The Status of AId Topic: Where the world’s aid goes Tactic: motion graphics Brief: this class project succinctly explains where most of the world’s donations go. Spoiler alert, not to those who need it. Sense-Maker: Bjørn Rostad

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06 Nov 2010

War on Stupid: Recruitment Teaser

So this is the video you were supposed to have seen at the start of our presentation yesterday afternoon. Sorry for the technical glitches and thanks again to those who were kind enough to sit through it.

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16 Sep 2010

Crisis of Credit Visualized

Topic: The Financial Meltdown Tactic: Motion graphics When everyone was just beginning to recognize the terms credit default swap and mortgage backed securities, Jonathan Jarvis was busy makign sense of it all. Using simplified icons and graphics he makes the complicated financial meltdown understandable, even if it’s still makes you

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17 Feb 2010

Smart Bubble Society: Healthcare Overhaul

Topic:Healthcare Overhaul Tactic:Vivid motion graphics superbly compliment this perspective on the healthcare debate using a massive pig as the core analogy. Sense-Makers The Smart Bubble Society

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