22 Sep 2016

This Climate Change Cartoon Is Alarming

The good people at xkcd had some viral success earlier this week with a cartoon graph of human history and the acceleration of climate change relative to the last 22,000 years. I don’t know how long the graph has actually been around, but it definitely popped up in a couple places

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29 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: The Grandfather of Data Visualization

Data Viz O.G. There’s a really interesting article over on Atlas Obscura about one bonnie Scot named William Playfair, who began making illustrated charts and graphs in the late-18th century — one of the early (or earliest) practitioners of modern data visualization). Unfortunately he lived at a time when the

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hotdog banner
03 Jun 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Hotdog Styles

Have you ever wondered to yourself what differentiated a Cleveland-style hotdog from the average Chilean’s preferred presentation? Breathe a sigh of relief because awkward moments when you can’t remember 40 cultural variations on sausage-style cased meats are a thing of the past. The good people at Food Republic have created this

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english anglo-saxon map
15 Mar 2015

Visualizing the Development of the English Language

There’s a cool post over on Vox about 25 maps that explain the development of the English Language. It’s an interesting peek into modern English (including variations for Canada, the U.S. and others). One of the highlights of the curated collection of maps, illustrations and visualizations is this Indo-European linguistic family

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19 Dec 2014

A Visualization of Miles Davis’ Career

Here’s an awesome poster designed by Fathom that visualizes Davis’ career in the form of a record. Follow the grooves and you’ll discover all his records plus the 500+ other musicians he worked with over the course of 400+ recording sessions.   The other interesting point, which is made a few

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15 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: Animagraffs by Jacob O’Neal

These animated technical drawings take the typical static infographic one step further by adding motion where it’s most useful. Even though the topics tend to be mostly technical in nature, Jacob has tackled a wide variety of fields making even tarantulas fascinating to learn about. You can check them all

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17 Jan 2012

SOPA / PIPA Explained

  The innocuously named bills get various activist treatments visually explaining their pitfalls and dangers.

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03 Jan 2012

The Iowa Caucuses Explained

Visually breaking down the caucus process. Tactic: Flowchart Topic: Politics, Elections The Iowa Caucuses are lavished with plenty of media attention by virtue of being the first primary contest in the country’s next presidential election, but the method of voting in the corn-rich state is sort of unique (a holdover

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22 Oct 2011

Hero Salute: Occupy Design

  Building a unified visual language for the 99%.   Tactiic: Infographics   Topics: Wage inequality, Economics, Corporate control, Protest Brief: From their site: “The project was created in less than 24 hours October 14-15 weekend by a team of designers, programmers, artists, and demonstrators in San Francisco as part

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10 Dec 2010

The Conversation Prism

Topic: Social Media Tactic: Using the familiar color wheel as the structure, they’ve broken down the vast array of components in the social media-verse into a neatly segmented infographic. This is version 3.0. You can snag the snazzy 4.0 version here.

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