29 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: The Grandfather of Data Visualization

Data Viz O.G. There’s a really interesting article over on Atlas Obscura about one bonnie Scot named William Playfair, who began making illustrated charts and graphs in the late-18th century — one of the early (or earliest) practitioners of modern data visualization). Unfortunately he lived at a time when the

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28 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: Wisecrack

With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, grow smarter.” it’s no surprise that this band of  creatives has caught our eye. Using hilarious critiques and analyses of pop-cultural artifacts like TV shows, movies, video games and books, these youtube videos manage to keep you entertained long enough for them to slip in

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28 Feb 2016

Hero Salute: What Issue Advocates Can Learn from John Oliver

Last year, the War on Stupid talked about how John Oliver was a model for high-quality information translation practices. He has the ability to take complex issues like the prison-industrial complex or net neutrality and repackage into something more readily accessible for laypeople. Earlier in February, communications shop Blue Engine Media dropped a similar read, but focused

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06 Apr 2015

Hero Salute: A Master Lesson in Making the Complex Understandable

We’ve been fans of John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight ever since his now famous rant on Net Neutrality went viral and nearly broke the FCC website. But on one of his latest videos he’s managed to outdo himself again and teach us budding sense-makers a thing or too on

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06 Mar 2015

Hero Salute: Dr. Quantum

One form of information translation that goes unheralded is the massive, semi-invisible industry of educational videos for schools. They could be painful, true, but were also reasonably effective at imparting information for all the visual learners out there. Here’s a video, Dr. Quantum, that does a pretty good job of explaining

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24 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: kurzgesagt

If you’ve watched an animated video explaining how Ebola works or why wars are decreasing over time, you’ve probably seen Kurzgesagt’s work. This Munich-based studio has garnered a lot of attention, not only because of the topics they’ve chosen to tackle, but also due to their efficiently minimalist style and

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15 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: Animagraffs by Jacob O’Neal

These animated technical drawings take the typical static infographic one step further by adding motion where it’s most useful. Even though the topics tend to be mostly technical in nature, Jacob has tackled a wide variety of fields making even tarantulas fascinating to learn about. You can check them all

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10 Nov 2014

Hero Salute: We the Economy

Tactic: Short form film making. Topic: The ‘Merican economy In another attempt to get us to think differently about topics that we take or granted, Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with Paul G. Allen and 20 film makers to tackle the exciting topic of how an economy works. Varying greatly

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17 Jan 2013

Hero Salute: HowToons

  From animation to Robotics, this comic series explains how to make cool stuff in a way that tickles even the most casual Manga fan.

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10 May 2012

Hero Salute: Epipheo Studios

  No stranger to the limelight, this band of intrepid animators, illustrators and all-around creative geniuses deserve a salute for their years of brave service in making sense of so many topics. Tactic: Animated web videos in every which way possible Topics: From commercial to cause-based, their work varies from

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25 Feb 2012

Hero Salute: Cartoon Movement

  A kindred spirit in the War on Stupid, Cartoon Movement provides a collaborative platform for political cartoons and graphic novels to report on current events.

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26 Jan 2012

Hero Salute: The News in Japan told in Manga

  Taking the day’s news and turning it into manga comics. Topics: Current events Tactic: Manga Brief: Using an army of illustrators this newspaper’s boldly taking on the issues in Japan with a graphic approach. Read more about it in this Wired article. Or if you read Japanese enjoy.

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02 Dec 2011

Hero Salute: Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guides

Breaking down the intricacies of Evolution, Human nature and Business, this Canadian rapper is <insert rap joke about taking someone to school> Tactic: Deftly written and performed hip hop songs Topics: Science, Evolution Brief: Unapologetic and witty, Baba Brinkman takes topics that would usually bore and turns them into thought-provoking

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22 Oct 2011

Hero Salute: Occupy Design

  Building a unified visual language for the 99%.   Tactiic: Infographics   Topics: Wage inequality, Economics, Corporate control, Protest Brief: From their site: “The project was created in less than 24 hours October 14-15 weekend by a team of designers, programmers, artists, and demonstrators in San Francisco as part

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05 Oct 2011

Hero Salute: CliffsNotes Films take on Shakespeare’s Plays

  Through an animated character named Cliff, some of Shakespeare’s plays come alive. Tactic: 2D animated cartoons Topic: Shakespeare’s tragedies Proving that even Shakespeare can be made fun and easy to understand, CliffsNotes Films takes its usual succinct approach to some of literature’s classics. If you can overlook the commercial

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05 Apr 2011

Hero Salute: Smarter Comics’ Business Books

Smarter Comics and their new line of Business Books Tactic: Graphic Novels Topic: Anything you’d need for a DIY MBA Brief: From how to become Salesperson of the year to how you take down the competition to Sun Tzu style. Smarter Comics has released some of the best business books

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16 Oct 2010

Hero Salute: The Story of Stuff Project

Tactic: Animated web videos Topics: The Story of Stuff tackles the current unsustainable model of how we get the stuff we consume everyday. The Story of Bottled water and The Story of Cosmetics give the same treatment to those items. The Story of Cap and Trade takes some of the

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