chart of land claims in antarctica
13 Apr 2016

Who Owns Antarctica?

Here’s a question we never thought to ask. Fortunately, there’s an already answer — although you’ll have to take that ride for yourself if you want to know. #nospoilers It’s a convoluted tale, as you might expect. It’s creator, CGP Grey, has a channel filled with some pretty incredible explainer

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15 Feb 2016

The Big Short and Information Translation

Adam Mckay’s Oscar-nominated film adaptation of Michael Lewis’s book of (nearly) the same title is a perfect embodiment of the ideas we’ve been espousing here at The War on Stupid for several years now: The way to help people acheive a deeper understanding of complex issues is to serve the explanation with a

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420 explainer guardian
22 Apr 2015

“The Hazy History of 420″

April 20th has turned into a ridiculously profitable holiday for Denver’s burgeoning marijuana industry. People travel from all over the country to partake in a handful of massive events. Of all the places Snoop Dogg could be smoking weed, he’s been in Denver the last few years to celebrate. As

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10 Nov 2014

Hero Salute: We the Economy

Tactic: Short form film making. Topic: The ‘Merican economy In another attempt to get us to think differently about topics that we take or granted, Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with Paul G. Allen and 20 film makers to tackle the exciting topic of how an economy works. Varying greatly

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