28 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: Wisecrack

With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, grow smarter.” it’s no surprise that this band of  creatives has caught our eye. Using hilarious critiques and analyses of pop-cultural artifacts like TV shows, movies, video games and books, these youtube videos manage to keep you entertained long enough for them to slip in

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06 Apr 2015

Hero Salute: A Master Lesson in Making the Complex Understandable

We’ve been fans of John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight ever since his now famous rant on Net Neutrality went viral and nearly broke the FCC website. But on one of his latest videos he’s managed to outdo himself again and teach us budding sense-makers a thing or too on

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15 Nov 2014

Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality

  Turns out we’ve all been overthinking net neutrality. The best way to have people connect with that particular issue is to have porn stars explain it. Well played, Funny or Die. It’s not about the porn stars though, it’s about properly contextualizing the issue, generating empathy with perhaps our diverse

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18 Mar 2012

Kimbel Library Instructional Videos

  An actor, a script-writer and a videographer walk into a library… and produce the best instructional videos ever. Tactics: Animated whiteboards, comedy, puppets Topic: Library Instruction Teaching college kids about the resources available to them at the library seems like a daunting task. Getting them excited about it? fughettaboutit.

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