28 Jun 2016

Hero Salute: Wisecrack

With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, grow smarter.” it’s no surprise that this band of  creatives has caught our eye. Using hilarious critiques and analyses of pop-cultural artifacts like TV shows, movies, video games and books, these youtube videos manage to keep you entertained long enough for them to slip in

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420 explainer guardian
22 Apr 2015

“The Hazy History of 420″

April 20th has turned into a ridiculously profitable holiday for Denver’s burgeoning marijuana industry. People travel from all over the country to partake in a handful of massive events. Of all the places Snoop Dogg could be smoking weed, he’s been in Denver the last few years to celebrate. As

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banking explained screenshot
27 Mar 2015

Banking Explained

Regular visitors may recall a post back in December about creative agency Kurzgesagt’s video series breaking down all sorts of contemporary issues into wonderful animated shorts. One of their recents deconstructs the development of contemporary big banks and all of the complexities they’re exploiting for profit. If you still aren’t sure

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06 Mar 2015

Hero Salute: Dr. Quantum

One form of information translation that goes unheralded is the massive, semi-invisible industry of educational videos for schools. They could be painful, true, but were also reasonably effective at imparting information for all the visual learners out there. Here’s a video, Dr. Quantum, that does a pretty good job of explaining

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supply and demand
23 Jan 2015

How OPEC Sets Global Oil Prices

You might be among the many Americans rejoicing at the fairly dramatic drop in prices at the pump during the past few weeks. I didn’t think I’d ever see gasoline below $2/gal. but low and behold, I saw $1.79 at a gas station in the suburbs of Denver. If you’re also

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lines showing plane flight patterns
16 Jan 2015

The Invisible Infrastructure of Skyways

Sometimes it’s a fine line between data visualization and a far out video for mid-90s trance anthems (ala Robert Miles), but this is pretty cool. The organization NATS (North Atlantic Skies) released this animation showing the volume of flight traffic over the Eastern US, North Atlantic and Western Europe. Turns out

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24 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: kurzgesagt

If you’ve watched an animated video explaining how Ebola works or why wars are decreasing over time, you’ve probably seen Kurzgesagt’s work. This Munich-based studio has garnered a lot of attention, not only because of the topics they’ve chosen to tackle, but also due to their efficiently minimalist style and

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15 Dec 2014

Hero Salute: Animagraffs by Jacob O’Neal

These animated technical drawings take the typical static infographic one step further by adding motion where it’s most useful. Even though the topics tend to be mostly technical in nature, Jacob has tackled a wide variety of fields making even tarantulas fascinating to learn about. You can check them all

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10 May 2012

Hero Salute: Epipheo Studios

  No stranger to the limelight, this band of intrepid animators, illustrators and all-around creative geniuses deserve a salute for their years of brave service in making sense of so many topics. Tactic: Animated web videos in every which way possible Topics: From commercial to cause-based, their work varies from

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30 Mar 2012

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

Tactic: Short animated videos Topics: Any and everything that can be taught by a teacher. Continuing its tradition of knowledge sharing, TED has begun an initiative that teams up animators with educators to distill complex topics into engaging animations. All of which will be posted on their Youtube channel. But it

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16 Feb 2012

UN’s Global Pulse Initiative

How can mobile data help stave off hunger? Watch and find out. Tactic: Animation & Motion Graphics Topic: Big Data and it’s use in helping developing countries This is the intro video for one of the newest UN initiatives called Global Pulse. It’s mission is to promote ways governments, corporations

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17 Jan 2012

SOPA / PIPA Explained

  The innocuously named bills get various activist treatments visually explaining their pitfalls and dangers.

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05 Oct 2011

Hero Salute: CliffsNotes Films take on Shakespeare’s Plays

  Through an animated character named Cliff, some of Shakespeare’s plays come alive. Tactic: 2D animated cartoons Topic: Shakespeare’s tragedies Proving that even Shakespeare can be made fun and easy to understand, CliffsNotes Films takes its usual succinct approach to some of literature’s classics. If you can overlook the commercial

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16 Oct 2010

Hero Salute: The Story of Stuff Project

Tactic: Animated web videos Topics: The Story of Stuff tackles the current unsustainable model of how we get the stuff we consume everyday. The Story of Bottled water and The Story of Cosmetics give the same treatment to those items. The Story of Cap and Trade takes some of the

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18 Jan 2010

Common Craft: Zombies in Plain English

Topic: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Tactic: Simply drawn and cut out illustrations with clever VO and movement makes what we all know is inevitable seem a little more manageable. What you need to know about Zombies View video on their website here >   Sense-Makers: Common Craft

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