Whenever there’s a seemingly universally accepted narrative surrounding a particular news story, On the Media (OTM for us Brooke Gladstone fan-boys) seems to be the place to get that prevailing wisdom checked.

They’re reliably the source of that much needed “other side” of the story, filling in gaps in the public knowledge by asking the questions everyone’s too busy enjoying the echo chamber or group think to ask.

A vital part of their public service is the ever-growing series of handbooks on how to properly consume breaking news. Aptly titled the Breaking News Consumer’s Handbooks, these handy bits of content reveal the various crutches the news media tend to lean on whenever a catastrophic event happens. You see, in the rush to be the first to scoop a juicy bit of new intell, or attract the most eyeballs and eardrums for the entire 15 minutes the crisis has our collective attentions, media outlets fall prey to a scarily predictable set of devices. Thankfully, Garfield, Gladstone and Co. are fully aware of these tropes and, with the help of relevant experts, have compiled handy rubrics with which the savvy news consumer can evaluate what they’re reading or hearing.


They come in 2 flavors: pdf or audio clips, and cover a wide gamut of breaking news categories, or ‘editions’ like Terrorism, Military Coups and the perpetually-flawed Health and Diet Fads.

Enjoy, and You’re Welcome.

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