With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, grow smarter.” it’s no surprise that this band of  creatives has caught our eye. Using hilarious critiques and analyses of pop-cultural artifacts like TV shows, movies, video games and books, these youtube videos manage to keep you entertained long enough for them to slip in a liberal arts education without you even realizing it.



Pop culture, Philosophy, History and Literature.



Funny Youtube videos that explore deep philosophical and literary issues.



8-Bit Philosophy: Tapping into that instant 90s nostalgia to teach us about the nature of human experience.


A Spoonful of humor helps the Knowledge go down

The true genius of the Wisecrack approach is the way they juxtapose a humorous format with interesting topics.
In 8-Bit Philosophy, they use the nostalgic look of 90s Nintendo games to tackle questions as wide ranging as “Does Science = truth?” to “Is Kanye West even Human?” So you’re caught off guard when the seemingly innocuous 8-bit graphics dancing across the screen actually bring home a point about the nature of reality. Making you think, “Wait, did Zelda just teach me what Fascist really means?”


Earthling Cinema: There’s some real film criticism underneath those eyebrows.

Two of my favorite channels on the Wisecrack roster are their art criticism series, Thug Notes and Earthling Cinema. Again, the unique format initially grabs your attention (this time it’s the narrators, Garyx Wormuloid and Sparky Sweets, PhD), lols you into dropping your intellectual guard, then drops some actual knowledge on you. Makes me want to apologize to all my English Lit. teachers, but then again, if I had Hamlet’s initial dilemma was explained to me as
“He gots to strap up and put a toe tag on dat fool Claudius,”
maybe I would’ve paid more attention in class.


Thug Notes: Dr. Sparky Sweets, PhD makes literary analysis cooler than [insert Hip-Hop joke here]

Support the cause

They, like most of the intrepid heros on Youtube, have a Patreon campaign so please support them however you can to keep the jokes and insight coming.


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