No stranger to the limelight, this band of intrepid animators, illustrators and all-around creative geniuses deserve a salute for their years of brave service in making sense of so many topics.
Tactic: Animated web videos in every which way possible
Topics: From commercial to cause-based, their work varies from the connection between Oil prices and the Economy to Google Wave.

This is more of a general acknowledgement of a studio already fighting the good fight rather than spotlighting any one piece that they’ve done. What I think helps them stand out from the increasing number of explainer video studios popping up all over the place is how seriously they take the craft of story-telling. If you watch their studio tour video, you’ll see this attention to detail in action as well as get a sense of how thorough their process is.

View their impressive catalog on their Vimeo channel or experience their quirky charm on their site.

Below is one of my favorites…because the threat is real people:


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Special Ops

Special Ops

Just an interested observer of the amazing work being done by creatives and other sense-makers.

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