One form of information translation that goes unheralded is the massive, semi-invisible industry of educational videos for schools. They could be painful, true, but were also reasonably effective at imparting information for all the visual learners out there.

Here’s a video, Dr. Quantum, that does a pretty good job of explaining the two slit experiment and the concept that electrons move in waves, despite being matter, which means that the universe is really just waves of information and humans are imperfect receptors being duped by ilusions. Pretty dense subject matter for such a cheesy cartoon. It might be more successful with higher quality production values. Come to think of it, that’s probably why educational videos don’t get a lot of love.


Dr. Quantum is a pretty interesting project, particularly from the perspective of information translation. It doesn’t get much more challenging than quantum physics when it comes to subject matter. The character and series is a labor of love (or alter-ego) for Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, He also gave a pretty incredible talk at a TEDx event that discusses the intersection of science, religion, physics, spirituality, devotion, and dancing, among other topics — and that’s just in the first minute or so. It also does a good job of clarifying time dilation (which was a big part of Interstellar).



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