We’re living in an increasingly complex world.

Creatives can – nay, NEED to-  help us make sense of it.

This is our way of celebrating the ones who do.


Our unprecedented access to data, from the mind-boggling array of sources (blogs, RSS feeds, Google books, wikis etc) to the ever increasing number of devices that we’re becoming  addicted to, is beginning to overwhelm our ability to keep up. And we’re not just talking about keeping up with the quantity of information, but also it’s quality.

If we look at the graph comparing our Access to Info Index* vs our Sense-Making Index*, you’ll see the situation represents an ever-widening gap.

We call this the “Stupid Gap.”

*not scientific, but trust us, there’s a point to be made here.


So what’s contributing to the widening stupid gap?

We believe there are 3 main drivers keeping our Sense-making index so low:

  1. Our Biological limitations
    (this Stone Age brain we’re working with and it’s cognitive biases)
  2. The Information Buffet
    (we can choose your own source of truth and facts now)
  3. The Erosion of our Traditional Sense-Making Institutions
    (places like academia and the media aren’t as trusted as they used to be)

That’s Where you come in…hopefully

If you’ve found this website, it means you might have seen one of the many high-profile marketing schemes we’ve unleashed over the past few months. More likely you’ve just stumbled here by accident. Either way, if you’re a creative we need your help. The world needs a new breed of Sense-Makers to help sift through the volume of complex crap we have to deal with everyday; Sense-Makers who are skilled in boiling ideas down into understandable chunks and communicating these ideas to a wide range of people in a wide range of media.

We believe this new breed of Jedi SenseMakers lives within the creative community, so we’ve started this site to highlight the work of those already on the frontlines, putting their skills to good use,  fighting against the forces of dumb and, we hope, recruiting people like you to join in the cause.

So feel free to look around, comment, send us links to other examples of creatives playing their part in the War, because living in a world where we have more information than we can make sense of…

that’s just plain stupid.